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Textile and Industrial Roll Products

At Carolina Rubber Rolls, we construct and/or cover a wide variety of rolls utilized by many different textile and industrial customers.  Our covering and finishing processes use the most contemporary equipment including pressurized building lathes, state-of-the-art urethane and silicone casting machines, computer controlled autoclaves and sophisticated CNC grinding, polishing, crowning, grooving and balancing machinery.

We offer a complete polymer range of compound covers, but, also, much more.  Over the years, we've developed literally hundreds of formulas to meet the specific requirements of, or to improve upon, our customers' applications.

We can build or repair cores up to 35" in diameter and 285" in length.  Beyond repair, we offer Teflon coating and chrome plating service.

Other products we manufacture for the textile industry include:  rubber insulated dry can ends; bowed spreader rolls; and, adjustable pad, controlled crown, swim rolls.